1. MSA Podcast

    The Intersection of Architecture and Interior Design

    MSA Podcast - Episode #6 I had the great pleasure of an interview with Bobby Tone, owner of Studio B Elements, who has dual degrees in interior design and architecture and founded her design business almost 15 years ago. She now focuses most of her work on residential renovations for clients. When s…Read More

  2. Michael Smith Architect Podcast Episode #3

    Michael Smith Architect Podcast, Episode #3.  You can find the latest episode of our podcast on iTunes.  Here are the show notes from the show. Episode #3 Show Notes Opening Greeting: Hi and welcome to MSA Podcast Episode #3.  Today we are going to looking at the changes that have been made to Ca…Read More

  3. Your Home Remodeling Project

    “How should I start my home remodel?” Home RemodelIs a typical question that I get from homeowners when they call me. In fact, I got a call the other day from a client who said just that. The couple has a small, two-bedroom, single story home on a large lot where they have a lot of options. They…Read More

  4. Five Reasons Why Your Home Remodeling Cost Estimate Can Be Wrong

    “What will my home remodeling project cost?” That is a question almost every homeowner wants to know at our first meeting. I don’t blame you. You have a set amount of money for your remodel and you don’t want to run out before the end. I have to admit that question scares me a little bit, an…Read More

  5. Insulation – Adding Energy Efficiency To Your Home

    In an earlier post, I talked about Energy Efficiency & Net Zero Energy 2020 (NZE 2020). If you live in California and you want to build a new home, your home will have to produce as much energy as it consumes. In that post, I talked about Four basic parts of the building we can improve Building …Read More