1. Five Reasons Why Your Home Remodeling Cost Estimate Can Be Wrong

    “What will my home remodeling project cost?” That is a question almost every homeowner wants to know at our first meeting. I don’t blame you. You have a set amount of money for your remodel and you don’t want to run out before the end. I have to admit that question scares me a little bit, an…Read More

  2. Insulation – Adding Energy Efficiency To Your Home

    In an earlier post, I talked about Energy Efficiency & Net Zero Energy 2020 (NZE 2020). If you live in California and you want to build a new home, your home will have to produce as much energy as it consumes. In that post, I talked about Four basic parts of the building we can improve Building …Read More

  3. Home Remodeling Hell You Can’t Plan For

    You can plan how to avoid or eliminate Home Remodeling Hell, but there is one type you just can’t avoid. It is very rare. In fact, I have only had it happen once. When your bathroom faucet starts leaking or your light fixture in the kitchen sparks, it can be a nightmare. What is Product Failure? P…Read More

  4. Your Home Remodeling Team

    You are thinking about a home remodeling project. You will have an idea what to do first by watching my video Home Remodeling: What Do I Do First? In this post, I want to talk about assembling your team for your home remodeling project. Your team starts slow and build over time as your progress with…Read More

  5. Net Zero Energy Home – 2020

    If you live in California, you may hear this phrase, Net Zero Energy. If you are looking to build a new home, it’s not in effect right now, but it is coming. Net Zero Energy (NZE) is a new energy standard that California has adopted and goes into effect in 2020. What it means is that all new homes…Read More

  6. Its Not My Forever Home

    Is This Your My Forever Home? Remodeling your home can be difficult and very stressful. Having some priorities can help you immensely. The first thing you should ask yourself: Is this home my forever home? I often ask my clients this question before we start. It is a good question to ask yourself. C…Read More

  7. Home Remodeling: When Can I Make Changes?

    Making changes is a natural part of the design process. It is the collaboration of the architect and the homeowner that make the remodeling process genuinely unique, but there are times I sense the homeowner is afraid to ask for changes. The process can be intimidating. “This design is Great!” I…Read More