Designing a custom home for a client is fun, challenging, difficult, and exhilarating because it is a blank slate. The possibilities are endless. You have, depending on where you live, limitless options. You can do anything. So many options it can be overwhelming.

The challenges are different for a custom home. You have planning issues (size, design, location, etc..), Homeowner Association issues (depending on where your lot is located), environmental issues (views, sun, wind, water, etc..). I can help you overcome all these challenges one step at a time.

I find the biggest challenge homeowners face (besides budget ) is patience. I work with the homeowner to have the patience to explore many options when designing their home. There are so many options that we should look at many designs. By doing this it will stimulate more ideas and feelings in the homeowner that they may not have thought about before the process. The worst thing that can happen is during construction an idea will strike a homeowner about something they would have liked to try.

Explore! Take your time on your dream home.


ADU stands for Accessory Dwelling Unit. California formalized this type of structure in 2017 to provide additional housing in California. Property owners that have enough land can add an ADU on their property without going through a long drawn out planning review or providing extra parking for the bedrooms.

The size of an ADU can be 50% of the main house up to 1,200 square feet maximum. That is plenty of space for a two bedroom, two bath unit that you can rent out or provide a separate living space for a family.